Backwoods Wild Rye - Batch WR02

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Backwoods Wild Rye - Batch WR02


500ml, 42% ABV

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A Heritage Ryecorn is the chief ingredient in our Wild Rye. It delivers an earthy, fresh rye bread aroma, toasty/biscuit like sweetness and a classic dry, spicy finish.

Our mash bill also includes barley (for sweetness) and wheat (for nuttiness). And finally we add a small amount of chocolate malt. You will notice this on the finish, as it lingers on the pallet, urging your next sip.

After fermenting with our selection of speciality yeasts, we finish the process with the lid open. This allows for a secondary fermentation as the mash is infected with local airborne yeasts, particular only to Backwoods. 

The wash is distilled twice in our custom-designed copper pot still, and a very tight cut is made to ensure that only the gentlest portion of the hearts is taken. What remains is right here in this bottle. A spirit that is rich in spice and sweetness. Handcrafted from grain to glass.

Backwoods Distilling Co. source all of our grain exclusively from expert maltsters, Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina region.

Photo credit: Wiltshire Creative