Backwoods Distilling Co.
Backwoods Distilling Co.
Small batch, handcrafted whisky. Made in Yackandandah, Victorian High Country
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small batch, handcrafted whisky

made in yackandandah, victoria

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our distillery

Mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing and bottling all happens at our craft distillery in Yackandandah, based in the beautiful Victorian High Country.

Backwoods Distilling Co. was founded by Leigh and Bree Attwood in 2017. A love of whisky, science and craftiness evolved into a dream to open a distillery. Backwoods is the culmination of this dream. Our goal is to bring friends and family together over a boutique drink that celebrates the Victorian High Country region.


Our whisky

We handcraft unique Australian Rye and Single Malt whiskies. We begin by sourcing 100% Australian farmed and malted grains from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina region. We mature our whisky in a diverse selection of barrels, all of which have previously held Australian products, including whisky, red and fortified wines.

Our first whisky release is expected in Winter 2020. While you wait for our whiskies, try our unique Wild Rye spirit to give you a taste of what is to come.


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current release

wild rye batch #2

This handcrafted product is twice-distilled from a mash bill of malted rye, barley and wheat. It can be enjoyed neat or is a great base for many cocktails. Tasting notes include: An earthy, fresh, rye bread aroma. Toasty, biscuit-like sweetness and a dry, spicy finish.

500ml, 42% ABV


A wooded area located away from big cities and the influence of modern life. A place you can go to escape and experience something different.
— Definition of Backwoods